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With the development of modern technology, the paper tube machine has gradually become more and more intelligent,

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With the development of modern technology, the paper tube machine has gradually become more and more intelligent, and the specific intelligence is manifested in the following aspects:

1. The three-active stepless speed-regulating roller is used to make the belt pressure high, the answer is not answered, and the transmission efficiency is greatly improved. It also has the advantages of greatly reduced mandrel deformation, greatly improved winding force and more beautiful appearance.

2. The paper tube machine has an intelligent self-locking function, and each time the activity occurs after the swing arm angle is adjusted, it can automatically lock to avoid sloshing;

3, with intelligent automatic cutting device, to ensure that the incision is neat and without lifting and the length can be customized, the cutting device saves a lot of manpower and allows one or two people to operate;

4. The paper tube machine has a communication interface that can be connected with the computer PLC system for more intelligent setting and operation.

Safety Precautions

1. The paper tube machine must be worn with protective equipment (such as a female employee wearing a protective cap), but it is important to avoid wearing gloves during the operation to avoid personal injury caused by the rotating part of the paper tube machine being involved in the glove;

2. The operator must always pay attention to whether the fastening components are loose during the operation of the equipment (such as loosening and timely braking);

3. Before each production of the paper tube machine, it is necessary to carry out a safety inspection (idle rotation) to confirm that it can be put into use after being normal;

4. It is forbidden to use the hand to touch the parts for adjustment during the operation of the paper tube machine. If it is necessary to adjust, it must be stopped after the operation;

5. If you know that the paper tube machine is faulty (even if it is a minor fault), it is absolutely not allowed to have faulty production (to avoid accidents);

6. The paper tube machine manufacturer is equipped with safety devices for each product, and the safety device prohibits any personnel from disassembling;

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