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9 characteristics and six advantages of the paper tube machine

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9 characteristics and six advantages of the paper tube machine

Paper tuber equipment, which is abbreviated as PTE in English, is the same as its name. The paper tube machine is the machine that produces paper tubes. Paper tube machine is widely used in various industries in the current society. It is mainly used in the production of chemical fiber industrial tubes, film industrial tubes, printing industry tubes, paper industry tubes, leather industry tubes, food packaging tubes, Pipes for the construction industry, tubes for the exhibition industry, etc. There are many types of paper tube machines, and the most used types in life are spiral paper tube machines and flat roll paper tube machines.

Nine characteristics

1. Fully automatic cutting of the drop tube, no paper automatic stop function;

2, the highest noise of the product is over = <65 decibels;

3. It can automatically shift gears to produce paper tubes during work;

4, the product can be remotely controlled by the computer, there are ports to connect;

5, the product can be remotely controlled in multiple operation panels, and the operation is quite simple and very convenient;

6. The paper tube machine is cut with a high material round knife, and the cut after cutting is smooth and smooth;

7, high-weight experts professional design, the product has more than 80 functions, and can set the machine operation arbitrarily;

8. The product is made of stainless steel rubber basin, poly grease knife, high carbon steel rubber knife and other materials, so the product is durable;

9, paper tube machine cutting comes with glue function.

Six advantages

The control systems of modern industrial equipment are based on computer and editable control and adjustment applications, combined with sensors, and assembled. The position of the sensor is in the most important part of the detection and control system. The accuracy, practicality, and responsiveness of the response play a crucial role. The more dependent on the sensor, the more automated it must be.

1. High efficiency: The output of single machine can be used by 2-3 coiling machines.

2. Convenient operation: the strips after slitting are smooth and flat on both sides without burrs.

3. Practicality: The double knife can adjust the width between 2 - 1700mm.

4. With long-distance tensioning shaft design, the original paper force is larger and more uniform.

5. Low noise: "bearing steel" double cutter shaft is not bent forever.

6. Smooth operation: the original paper is wound firmly and the sides are flat.

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