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As a professional equipment for manufacturing paper tubes

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As a professional equipment for manufacturing paper tubes, paper tube machine has many applications in many industries. This article introduces common knowledge of paper tube machine overview, characteristics, classification and operational safety precautions.


The paper tube machine is one of the machines for producing paper tube products for people. It produces various paper tubes widely used in chemical fiber, film, printing, leather, food packaging, exhibition and construction industries, and there are many types of paper tube machines. (Common paper slitting machine, paper tube finishing machine, etc.).


1. The paper tube machine has automatic gluing function (saving manpower);

2. Automatic stop function with automatic cutting, automatic drop tube and paper out of paper;

3. The paper tube machine also has automatic shifting according to the actual situation to ensure the consistency of the length;

4, various control methods, equipped with a remote control interface can be connected to the computer for PLC control;

5, equipped with digital remote control function and multi-point operation is more convenient for users to operate;

6. Active cutting with a circular knife ensures stable cutting and smooth and smooth cutting;

7. With nearly 100 function parameter settings, users can control the paper tube machine according to their actual use requirements;

8, the use of high carbon steel and roll paper rubber knife to ensure the service life of the accessories.

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