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Paper cutting machine mechanical operation process and use precautions

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Paper cutting machine mechanical operation process and use precautions

The paper cutting tube machine is a precise part used in the cutting of paper tubes. The relevant part of the paper tube manufacturing process is to cut the large section of paper tubes produced into a small section that can be used. Are you aware of the mechanical operation process? The operation of the mechanical and mechanical equipment of the paper-cutting tube is very complicated and technical, and the person who underestimates the difficulty of mechanical operation of the paper-cutting tube is very popular. If it is distracted at work, it is easy to get involved in the machine. Unexpected, so every technical worker entering the factory must first understand the safety matters, which is very strict in this respect. Below we introduce the safe operation process and precautions of the paper cutting machine.

Safe working process of paper cutting machine:

1. Check if the machine equipment is normal and the roll has been cleaned:

2. Install the mold and the blade with the same width as the required diaphragm in the corresponding position. The mold and the blade must not have oil, dust, rust and other blades must be sharp.

3. Install the paper tube sleeve for winding on the reel

4. The diaphragm should be fixed on the diaphragm frame behind the machine. The diaphragm must be fixed and must not move left and right and shake up and down.

5. Pull the diaphragm apart and align the blade to a small diaphragm of the desired size and secure it to the tube sleeve. The diaphragm shaft needs to be slit, and the mold and the blade shaft and the reel must be flush.

6. Turn on the power switch, start the machine, try to cut and check whether the required size is met.

7. After confirming the pass, adjust the appropriate speed to cut the diaphragm.

8. After the whole roll is cut, turn off the power switch of the machine, attach a sticker on the surface of the small roll diaphragm, and label the model number.

9. After cutting the diaphragm and passing the QA inspection, use a plastic bag or carton to protect it from dust, or transfer it to the next process.

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