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Introduction of automatic paper tube machine design structure

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Introduction of automatic paper tube machine design structure

Do you know the structure of the automatic paper tube machine for the manufacturer at the time of design? If you don't understand it, it's better to know about it. It will give you a better understanding of the fully automatic paper tube machine and also give you more confidence when using the automatic paper tube machine. It also gives you an idea of the advantages of the fully automatic paper tube machine. . The following small series introduces you to the design structure of the automatic paper tube machine:

1, feeding structure

If it is stopped at the feed roller 8 during the feeding process, the rocking mechanism at this time will swing backwards, which will make the feeding roller continuously feed the paper tightly and also prevent the material from being run when the automatic paper tube machine is running. The situation of sending a deviation occurs. You can make the feed roller in the automatic paper tube machine continuously feed the paper if the spring is swung forward when the feed roller is feeding. However, this part is the most important part and can not be damaged. If it does, the damage will stop because of damage to this part.

2, reciprocating structure

This structure is in the clockwise direction of the sprocket from the position specified by the manufacturer. After the chain is broken, the chain will start to move and the outer sleeve will be driven by the card holder. The bearing and the slider will drive the curved bracket. Later, the entire reciprocating structure is moved to the right. If the deck moves to the tangent point of the balance wheel and the chain, the outer sleeve will rotate relative to the inside of the deck. If you want to stop, the slider and the line at this time. The reciprocating structure of the bearing will start to decelerate if it slides relative to each other. If the deck is turned to the right quadrant of the driven wheel, the speed of the bracket will be reduced to zero and the reciprocating structure will start to act like the left and accelerate. . If the deck is moved to the lower quadrant with the quadrant of the chain follower, the jacket shaft will also begin to move downwards and the slider and the linear bearing will also slide relative to each other if the hinge will wrap around the jacket. The shaft rotates and also swings downward through the slide bar with the moving guide bar.

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