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What Are The Advantages Of Using A Glove Machine To Prepare Gloves?

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What are the advantages of using a glove machine to prepare gloves?

Glove machine is a kind of knitting machine for textile gloves that appears in modern times. Generally, it can produce various half-finger, full-finger gloves, five-toed socks, labor protection gloves, magic gloves, etc. according to needs. The glove machine uses a special weaving method to knit, and the products produced have the characteristics of better elasticity, better toughness, stronger softness and better comfort. Using a special conversion device, not only can we knit ordinary gloves, but also can produce popular magic gloves, which can improve the economic benefits of enterprises. In addition, there is an air jet device for timely air jetting for dust removal, which is not only efficient but also more high-quality products. This feature gives the glove machine a great advantage, the system will be explained below.

  1. The products produced by the glove machine are more comfortable and have better performance. The fingertips of the gloves that need special attention are also more smooth and smooth, which greatly improves the grade of the product.

  2. The lubrication system of the glove machine is very convenient. As long as the oil pump is pulled, it can automatically refuel to ensure that the oil volume of each lubrication point is maintained at an appropriate level, and the maintenance is also convenient, which further improves the production efficiency of the product.

  3. The machine tool is very sturdy, made of selected steel materials, and special craftsmanship to ensure that the metal has better wear resistance and hardness, making the machine have higher wear resistance and longer service life.

  4. With computer control, traditional chain operation is no longer used, and the control system operation is more convenient and simple. The LCD screen displays various data in real time, making the working status of the machine clear at a glance, humanized design, and easy operation.

   In summary, glove machines have advantages in all aspects of knitting gloves, so now glove production is selected for glove machines, which not only improves product quality, but also saves time and effort, and improves production efficiency.

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