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New 8 Cutting Knives Paper Straw Machine To Chinese Customer

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As the plastic ban of Chinese government, Gaoda Machinery update their paper straw making machine into all servo motors and 8 cutting knives.

The 8 cutting knives model, GDZGJ-20, is special for making 12mm out diameter paper straws for bubble tea, milk tea and milk shake.

As we all know, bubble tea drinking straws always have a sharp end section for easier sucking.

So we also publish one kind of high speed bevel cutting ( sharp end cutting) machine.

8 cutting knives, you could cut 200mm length paper straws 7 pcs one time; cut 230mm length bubble tea paper straws 6 pcs one time.

For making sharp end section 230mm length bubble tea paper straw, we need make 460mm length straight paper straws firstly.

Then bevel cutting 460mm length straw at middle. So one pcs 460mm paper straw becomes 2 pcs 230mm length sharp end section bubble tea paper straw.

At same time, we update 3 layers paper connecting bracket into 4 layers. Because 12mm OD paper straw use 4 layers paper will be more hardness.

Today we ship 4 sets 8 cutting knives paper straw making machine and one set of high speed bevel cutting machine to domestic customer.

Please check our shipping pictures.

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