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What factors need to be considered in the design of paper straw machine

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What factors need to be considered in the design of paper straw machine

     Paper straw equipment has a more important practical effect in people's daily life, although it is usually ignored by customers in application, so as to habitually stipulate the role of customers, paper tube machines must consider products in the design scheme In order to ensure that the commodities produced by the machinery and equipment produce rights for customers.

1. Thickness of operation: because of the difference in application direction, the regulations on the strength of the paper tube are different. Generally, the thicker the paper tube, the higher the strength of the paper tube. The paper tube machine must be in the design plan. Pay attention to the strength requirements.

2. Pay attention to the drawing regulations: Some manufacturers require that in the promotion of publicity planning, they must carry out the copying of paintings and their logos on the inner cavity of the paper tube, and the paper tube machine must ensure the design of the inner cavity painting. Colorful, consider the needs of customers.

3. Pay attention to the role of consideration: the relevant regulations on the role of the paper tube are different, and the improvement in the production of raw materials is different. It must be ensured that the paper tube machine is more habitual in each type of raw material. In line with production and processing regulations

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