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Paper tube machine classification and application of paper tube machine in packaging industry

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Paper tube machine classification and application of paper tube machine in packaging industry

Classification of paper tube machine

Paper tube machine can be divided into: spiral tube machine, flat paper tube machine, pagoda paper tube machine according to the process of paper tube.

Paper tube machine can be divided into: tube cutting machine, tube rolling machine, capping machine, precision cutting machine according to different uses.

Paper tube machine can be divided into: intelligent numerical control spiral paper tube machine, program-controlled spiral paper tube machine according to the level of intelligence.

At present, the beverage industry's attention to the aseptic cold filling consumption line has reached a new level, and it has become an inevitable trend for beverage consumer companies to adopt aseptic cold filling equipment.

The investment cost of the aseptic cold filling consumption line is constantly concerned by the beverage industry. As the equipment suppliers reduce the equipment cost from time to time, the investment cost of the aseptic cold filling consumption line paper tube machine has been reduced to the hot filling line. 1.5 to 1.6 times, and domestic suppliers of aseptic cold filling consumption lines of paper tube machines have also matured from time to time.

Filling equipment The paper tube machine is the most central equipment on the consumer line. Whether the filling equipment can be quickly converted has caused widespread concern in enterprises. When different products or different bottle types are consumed, the filling equipment will lose precious filling time and reduce consumption efficiency due to the conversion of the paper tube equipment.

New development of paper tube machine

There are so many things in the world, there is nothing intact, and China's paper tube machine industry is no exception, either progress or lag behind, so how to improve the development of this industry? This becomes a paper tube machine manufacturer They are generally concerned.

As usual, the replacement of paper tube machines, web slitters, tube cutters, and paper tube machine equipment is the first to be launched in Japan, earning a lot of dollars in this category. The four little dragons in Southeast Asia have also followed Japan's footsteps, and they have performed quite well in the manufacturing of packaging machinery and consumption lines. In the European Community, the pace of upgrading packaging machinery and consumption lines in Italy is much faster than that of other member countries.

So where is their progress? Update is the key!

The replacement method is to replace some parts, components or key components and key technologies, so as to achieve the purpose of replacing a unit, so that the original packaging machinery equipment or consumption line consumption ability, performance, efficiency, model and assembly method Wait for updates. In this way, the repeated application of most parts and unit parts not only reaches the value of advanced equipment, but also saves the original materials and a large amount of labor, and reduces the cost.

This development trend indicates that paper tube packaging equipment, paper tube machine, web slitter, tube cutting machine, paper tube machine equipment, spiral paper tube machine are becoming more and more standardized, serialized, integrated, assembled, Launched online. Civil and military high technology will also become more and more common in the entire packaging machinery equipment category. Fierce market competition will undoubtedly accelerate the pace of upgrading and technological transformation of paper tube packaging equipment in all walks of life.

Operation principle of paper tube machine under different control systems

1. From the perspective of the working mode of the paper tube machine, in the relay control circuit, when the power is turned on, all relays in the circuit are in a restricted state, that is, the pull-in relays are pulled in at the same time, and should not be pulled in. The relay is restricted by certain conditions and cannot be pulled in. This working mode is called parallel working mode. The PLC user program is executed according to a certain number of cycles, so each soft relay is in periodic cycle scan connection. The action sequence of each relay limited by the same condition is determined by the program scan order. This working method is called serial Way of working. 2. From the perspective of the control method of the paper tube machine, the control logic of the electrical control system uses hardware wiring, and the series or parallel connection of the relay mechanical contacts is used to form the control logic. The PLC uses computer technology, and its control logic is stored in the memory in the form of a program. To change the control logic, only the program needs to be changed, so it is easy to modify or increase the system function.

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