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Very simple paper stick operation

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Single belt paper stick making machine operation instructions

1.  Put the paper roll on the machine and lock it.

2.Put the paper through the two rollers as shown below

3.When pull the paper reaches to the position as below

4.Press the start button,the paper will move forward,then use the both hands to roll the paper into rod shape

5.Let the paper rod through the position between the two belts as below

6.When the paper rod comes out from the belts,let the water drop comes out

7.Cut off the paper rod near the belt position

8.Paper rod goes forward,let it through the hole shown below


9. After the paper rod through the hole,press the Accelerate button on the operation panel

10. Turn on the glue switch,let the glue flow out drop by drop

11.The shaped paper sticks are produced.

12 .Atfer the paper sticks are produced,they need to cut on the cutting machine to get the final length, before cutting off, the paper sticks need to dry for 12 hours,customer needs to establish the drying room or customize the drying device by themselves

The drying room is shown below, the space is 5x5x3M, it needs two dehumidifiers,one of them has heating function



The customized drying device is shown below, the size is 4x4x2.5M





13.After drying the paper sticks,put them on the cutting machine to cut off the ends to get the final length of paper sticks, the ends are smooth after cut off



Non-professional hands-on operation that becomes a video:

Paper stick making machine install video:

Paper stick making machine :

New big OD two belts paper stick machine:

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