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Notice For Operating Paper Straw Machine

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With the development of the world, our awareness of environmental protection is increasing, paper straw products are popular, while the production of paper straw machinery is currently very widely used paper tube machinery is also constantly recognized by everyone.

After the purchase of paper tube machine, all must be carried out to adjust all the normal work, if not well adjusted, then the paper tube machine in the work of very easy to occur on the problem, then the paper tube machine proper adjustment how to carry out?

If the paper straw machine manufactures paper straws with very uneven spiral lines inside, this paper straw machine condition is mainly caused by the following big aspects:For example, if the paper tube resistance is too high during the cutting work inside the straw unit, then only the blade needs to be adjusted properly. It can reduce the resistance properly.

Of course, this may be due to the application of lubricant with a layer of tape with little coating or with a very uneven coating. In this case, the lubricant needs to be applied to a layer of paper from the beginning and it needs to be ensured that the coating is even. Therefore, in general, the amount of lubricant must be correctly selected when applying the lubricant to the paper tape for the first time and then coated so that it is relatively easy to produce subsequent products.

The paper straw machine works safely and properly. We must work in accordance with the regulations, safe collaboration paper straw machine and better protection of the production process of paper straw machine device.

Paper straw machine should be strictly checked according to the rules before operation. That is, you must acknowledge a fastener on the paper straw and fix from scratch the fasteners that were previously loose due to vibrations. Then acknowledge that under normal conditions the paper straw unit can run empty for about 2 minutes, and only if there is no fault state, the unit can operate properly.

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