8 Cutting Knives Paper Straw Making Machine


Wenzhou Gaoda Paper Tube Machinery Co.,Ltd is a leading supplier of paper straw machinery and equipment in China. Gaoda established at 2015, have engineers which experienced more than 10 years at paper tube/pipe machines. We design paper straw making machine from 5cutting knives to 6,7 and 8 pcs cutting knives. Improve machine stable working and working speed. Gaoda machines could make products from straight paper straws to sharp end paper straws, bend (flexible) paper straws. We have solution for individual/single packing, bulk/group packing, paper carton/box packing and tetra packing for soft drinks.


  1. Working Principle and Short Instruction
  2. New 8 Cutting Knife Paper Straw Making Machine
  3. Payment Term and After-sale Service
  4. Other Things for Consideration
  5. Main Free Parts with Machine
  6. Gaoda Factory

Working Principle and short instruction

Winding/spiraling different layers paper strip into paper tube with glue.

Multi-cutting knife system, by servo tracking, cut paper tube into small piece of paper drinking straws.

Material: food grade white craft paper and food grade glue.

Sub-raw material: may need oil for lubrication and cooling. White mineral oil.

Standard electric power: 380V/ 3phase/ 50Hz, could change by special requirement, like 60Hz or 220V/ 3 phase.

Electric consumption: Rated power, 6.15KW/h

FLA( Full load amp): 13.5A


How many pieces straw per minute. For example: 70m/min, making 6*197mm straws. Consider some waste, we use 200mm for calculating.

70*1000/200=350 pcs/minute.

New 8 Cutting Knife Paper Straw Making Machine

Total machine includes 6 parts: from left to right side

  1. Paper roll hanging bracket, 4 layers, auto connecting/splicing;
  2. Glue station, stainless steel, glue auto feeding;
  3. Winding and control mechanism;
  4. Muti-cutting system, 8 cutting knives with dust & protecting cover;
  5. Conveyor;
  6. Collector.

Advantage of GDM-20

  1. Higher Speed,max 105m/min input, 80m/min out put.
  2. 8 cutting-knife system, new structure of cutting cylinder. Easier to adjust air cylinder up and down when making different diameter paper straws.
  3. 5 sets servo motor for spiraling roller, cutting system moving left & right, supporting roller and cutting knifes.
  4. Auto paper roll connecting function hanging bracket, auto splicer, 4 layers. Other brand paper straw making machine paper roll hanging bracket is only 3 layers.
  5. Auto feeding function glue station.
  6. Auto lubrication grease feeding system for cutting system.
  7. Main electric parts choose famous brand, Schneider. Like main servo motor, servo motor driver, frequency converter, touch screen .

Different unit dimension

Unit  Name

Dimension (mm)

Unit  Name

Dimension (mm)

Winding & control unit


glue station


Multi-cutting system




Paper roller bracket


Straw Collector


Specification and Parameter



Technical Parameter

Main Parts

Electric power

380V/ 3phase/ 50Hz



Electric consumption


Control screen




Control program



0-80m/min ( out put)

0-105m/min (paper feeding)

Servo motor driver


Paper layer

2-4 layers

Servo motor


Straw Diameter

4.3--12mm (out diameter)

3.5--11.3 (inner diameter)

Frequency converter


Max thickness

0.6mm-single side

Circuit breaker


Min thickness

0.2mm-single side



Straw length


Distance between 2 blades

Signal sensor


Cutting method

8 knife, pneumatic driving



Glue method

Single & double face

Pneumatic cylinder


Length control




Speed control

Servo tracking

Attached equipment/function


1 person

Paper connecting function


Mandrel fixing

Screw clamp

Dust & protection cover


Synchronism control

Servo belt

Winding roller cover


Winding belt tension control

Hand wheel

Cutting knife cover


Belt angle control

Hand wheel

Pull force tension sensor



Lubrication grease

Auto lubrication grease


Dimension and Weight

Constant rewinding force


Main part dimension


Mould Anti-vibration roller


Land area dimension


Glue recycle pump


Winding roller diameter


Cutting system limitation rod


Winding roller height


Multi-control language



1400 KG

Stainless steel cover


Attached Spare Parts

Paper Straw Mould

3 sets

Winding belt

15 pcs

Cutting blades

14 pcs

Tool box


Air cylinder

1 pcs

Thinner pull rod clamp

2 pcs

Double adhesive tape

Several for paper roll bracket connecting function

Metal adhesive glue

2 bottle

Compare old model and new model

Paper straw making machine

Cutting blade

Mould Anti-vibration roller

Pull rod force sensor

electric socket and cooling fan

Cutting blade material:W6Mo5Cr4V2

Unit  Name

Description and advantages





Winding & control mechanism

Multi-knife cutting system





Carbon steel;

5 sets servo motor;

Dust & protect cover;

Language: Chinese, English, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese, Portuguese and so on;

High and low voltage electric equipment separated isolation;

Laser cutting and heat treatment to avoid micro shaking;

Longer service life;

Famous brand electric equipment: Schneider

High speed and stable working;

Safety labels for protecting method;


2 auxiliary servo motor

Main servo motor

2 winding roller servo motors


Automatic refueling device

Stainless steel protective cover

Unit  Name

Description and advantages

Glue station

Aluminum and stainless steel frame;

Stainless steel glue pot;

Glue heating function(choosing choice);

Glue recycle system

Lubrication oil roller for inner paper strip;

One pair roller ( rubber roller and steel roller) for filming glue on paper.

1 motor to drive glue roller;

Easy to adjust glue quantity by adjust the distance of two roller.


1. Help paper straw making machine no stop working.

2. Use auto detection: When the paper roll is going to use out, the mechanism will cut the tail ends of old paper roll and connect new paper roll automatically.

3. Smaller dimension, easy delivery and moving to adjust paper feeding angle.

4. Construction simpleness. If paper break, no need to stop to route the paper up and down complicated.

5. Constant unwinding force for the paper rolls, to let paper feeding more smoothly.

6. Our own patent for this connecting mechanism, not copy from others, especially European brands, so no patent problem.

7. Optional choose: 4 layers connecting mechanism.


Payment term and after-sale service



Packing: Plastic film package or Wooden box(Optional, need pay)

FOB Price: Sea Freight cost & Insurance are paid by the buyer.

Payment: T/T; 30% down payment, the balance 70% to be paid before shipment.

Lead time: Ordinary model, 40 days.

Training & Service: We suggest that customers take a training for 3-5 days at our factory for installation and operation. How to change paper straw length and diameter, how to judge glue quantity and viscosity. Training at our factory is free.

If on-site installation and training, the buyer need pay round tickets cost(from Wenzhou to your factory and return Wenzhou from your factory),food and hotel. What’s more, salary for engineer USD100 per day.

Other things for consideration

1)Standard specification is 380V, 3 phase, 50Hz. If you need other voltage or 60Hz motor, tell us in advance.

2.)Standard is for making 3 layers paper straws. 4 layer straw is more hardness than 3 layers. I think, for 10-12mm paper straws, it’s better use 4 layers. The material cost also higher. 5 layers is not suitable for paper drinking straws, the cost increased too much.

3) Different diameter need different paper straw mold. The mold includes 3 parts: thinner pull rod, mandrel and cutting mat. So you need tell me which out diameter paper straw that you want to produce.

Main free parts for paper straw making machine

  1. 14 cutting blades;       
  2. 3 sets paper straw mold; 
  3. 1 air cylinder.
  4. 15 winding belts;
  5. 1 cutting blade belts

Parts Name



Cutting blade

14 pcs/set

Winding belt

15 pcs/set

Straw mold

1 set of mold including:

Thinner pull rod; Mandrel; Cutting mat

3 set mold for free

From 5-12 out diameter, choose 3 size.

Air cylinder


Cutting blade belt


Gaoda Factory

Our factory video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa_msnUXibDgs2heSpEP_PA