Microwave Paper Straw Drying Machine


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I. Overview

GD-5G(T)Series microwave paper tube dryer is an organic combination of microwave source, microwave heater, mechanical transmission and control unit. The heater consists of a unit heating box with three magnetrons.

GD-5G(T)Series microwave paper tube drying equipment is a new generation microwave sterilization drying equipment designed and produced by our company on the basis of sufficient tests. Application of advanced PLC and HMI control technology, online temperature measurement technology. Make the equipment easy to operate and more reliable, so that our products can provide high-quality products and services in the field of microwave drying and sterilization.

GD-5G(T)Series microwave paper tube special drying equipment also uses our company's original temperature control technology to ensure a high field strength density during thermal insulation, fully utilize the non-thermal effect of microwave sterilization, and make sterilization more thorough , Can provide your company with better quality products.

GD-5G(T)Series  microwave paper tube special drying equipment adopts imported microwave tube and is equipped with the latest air cooling technology of our company, so that the microwave tube can work in the best working state for a long time and maximize the microwave tube radiation Efficiency and prolong the service life of the microwave tube;

GD-5G(T)Series microwave paper tube drying machine applies our latest frequency conversion microwave source technology, which greatly improves the reliability and stability of the product's operation and can meet the equipment's long-term use. At the same time, due to the use of frequency conversion technology, the operation of the whole machine is more energy efficient.

II.The principle of microwave drying and sterilization  


The polar molecules inside the material to be processed produce friction-like effects under the action of the microwave field to generate heat, so that the temperature of the material is increased to evaporate the internal moisture to achieve the purpose of drying.


Biological cells are a condensed medium composed of water, proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, fats and inorganic compounds. Under the action of microwave energy, heat is generated, causing its temperature to rise, its structure changed or destroyed, and protein denaturation, which affects its solubility, viscosity, swelling and stability, thereby losing biological activity and causing bacterial death (thermal effect). .

At the same time, under the action of microwave, microorganisms can change the biological arrangement and combination state and its movement rules. Moreover, the ion current induced by the microwave field affects the charge distribution near the cell membrane, resulting in damage to the barrier effect of the membrane, thereby drying up or destroying the normal metabolism of the cell , Causing bacterial growth inhibition, cessation or death (non-thermal effect).

III  Specifications





Microwave frequency




Microwave output power




Dehydrated quantity





 3 PCS

6 PCs

9  PCS

Microwave source 

Inverter 3PCS

Inverter 3PCS

Inverter 3PCS

conveyor belt

PP chain plate

PP chain plate

PP chain plate

Speed adjustment by




Cooling method



air or water

Microwave leakage energy




Equipment size(LWH)