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What Machines Do You Have

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Gadao machinery a professional manufacturer of paper straw manufacturing machines.

What machines you have ? Can you do small size paper straw ? what's your machine speed ? Can you connect the making machine with packing machine ? What qualifications do you have for the paper? Can you do U-shape tetra pak paper straw ? Do you have packing machine? why the price is higher than other xxxx factory ? We don't have enough space can you change the placement ? why other balbalbalbal......

So many questions ! My answer is "we can do and do our best "

Gaoda in the Chinese translation means the best, the top.So  the pursuit of the highest is also our philosophy.

Our Technology

We are constantly innovating our products and updating our technology.Now we have our high speed paper straw making machine every minutes can produce 500 pcs paper straw .


Machine type

And every paper tube On the basis of paper straws, we have innovated new extension products:HNB Electronic Cigarettes,Pet waste bag paper roll,Firework Tube,tetra pak milk paper straw .


For customers

In order to provide customers with more automated and convenient labor-saving solutions, we also put around then paper straws before and after the production, from raw materials, paper slitting and printing, manufacturing ,transfer ,drying, single & multi-stick packaging.

The connection between each machine, machine debugging, speed matching, and the optimal solution are all things that we have practiced over and over again.

So don't say why is higher than others.

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