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The importance of daily inspection of paper straw machine

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The importance of daily inspection of paper straw machine

The disposable straw used in people's daily life to drink Coke, don't look at it is not worth mentioning, but it is already an indispensable item in daily life. Plastic straws for small toys with carousels, functional plastic straws for children to take medicine, kind plastic straws for single suction and co-suction, multifunctional plastic straws for temperature measurement and discoloration ... A variety of plastic straws are available Look for. Plastic straw mechanical equipment (straw machine) should pay attention to the following contents in safety consumption:

1. The maintenance of the straw machine must be terminated when the switching power supply is disconnected and the equipment is interrupted in detail to ensure safe production. And carry out maintenance inspection on time; including inspection of switching power supply, smooth, damaged and other levels;

2. When the equipment is working, it is forbidden to put your fingers close to the running parts. Plastic straw mechanical equipment to ensure that employees do not separate positions in the operation process to avoid the emergence of emergency situations;

3. When the paper straw machine is in operation, it is forbidden to disassemble the protective cover. Plastic straw mechanical equipment can avoid the operation of machinery and equipment to avoid unnecessary damage;

4. The customer's switching power supply should be equipped with over-current protection, maintenance and installation to ensure safe use of electricity.

Paper straw machine

5. The paper straw machine equipment should be firmly grounded.

6. Strictly abide by the reminders of the safety signs. The safety signs are indispensable for perseverance cleaning and cannot be covered or scattered.

Before starting the plastic straw mechanical equipment, the following inspections shall be terminated:

1. Inspection of gear transmission.

2. Check whether the gas supply is properly connected.

3. Check if the paper straw electrical control system is normal.

4. Set the heating temperature of the heat seal, and terminate the heating of the heat seal installation.

5. After carrying out various types of regular inspections and adjustments, you can first open the low-speed packaged goods, check whether the quality of the packaged goods can be pleaded, and make relative adjustments if there are shortcomings, until the product quality pleads, and eventually gradually develop the consumption rate .

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