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Paper tube machinery industry‘’in an invincible position‘’

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Paper tube machinery industry "in an invincible position"

Tall paper tube machinery has rich experience in the industry. Through understanding and analysis of the current situation of the industry, Gaoda found that China's paper tube machinery is not only second to none in the world market, but with the continuous advancement of technology, the level and grade of paper tube machinery products are Significantly improved. The paper tube machinery industry is an important part of the advanced manufacturing industry. With the advancement of science and technology, the paper tube machinery industry scale enterprises are widely adopting advanced manufacturing technology and advanced applicable equipment, while the paper tube machinery industry also generally implements modern management methods and The advanced manufacturing and production model has brought about major changes in the traditional industry and achieved good economic and social benefits.

The development of the paper tube machinery industry has a good foundation and advantages. After years of development, China's paper tube machinery industry has significantly improved its scientific and technological strength, marketization and internationalization, and its production and manufacturing capabilities have been continuously enhanced. It has become the world's largest producer of paper tube machinery in the world. Especially after the baptism of the international financial crisis, the international competitiveness and risk resistance of the entire industry are increasing, and the ability to sustain development is accelerating.

In the past few years, the world economic environment has changed a lot. In the machinery industry, paper tube machines will become an important growth point. As a well-known enterprise in paper tube machinery, Gaoda will also increase scientific research, design and develop more advanced products, and be in an invincible position in the new development.

Paper tube machine features a big introduction:

1. The control panel uses imported text display (more than 80 setting functions), which is easy to operate and the remote control makes the user more convenient (such as remote stop or slow speed when breaking paper).

2. Adopt imported PLC logic control system, the main motor adopts frequency converter speed regulation, which is 50% more energy-saving than ordinary electromagnetic speed regulation.

3. Cutting at any speed is always accurate and no waste, which is an unparalleled advantage of the traditional electromagnetic speed control paper tube machine (electromagnetic speed control paper tube machine only cuts slightly at the same speed)

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