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Paper pipette manufacturers need to innovate in all aspects

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Paper pipette manufacturers need to innovate in all aspects

The competition in the paper tube machinery industry is very fierce, especially since the world began to resist plastic straws, which has a huge business in the paper straw industry. All major paper pipe suction machine manufacturers want to share a cup of beauty, want to gain a foothold in the paper tube industry, innovation is the best way, only you can have your own foothold.

Paper pipette manufacturers can innovate from the structural technology of the equipment to produce a paper tube machine that is small in size and powerful in use. This allows the paper pipette to be used in more environments, which is beneficial to the application of paper pipettes.

Paper pipette manufacturers can innovate from the production parts, making the replacement and maintenance of parts more simple and convenient. Thereby reducing the time and cost of maintenance, greatly improving the practicality of the paper pipette.

Multi-knife paper tube machine

Paper pipette manufacturers can innovate from the aspects of production assembly, and can adopt human-machine interface technology and fault identification technology to make the automation of equipment operation more perfect. Significantly reduce security risks and improve the security of equipment. Reduce labor costs and reduce the risk of personal safety.

In the end, I want to say that the major paper pipe machine companies can independently innovate from the unused aspects, thus becoming the industry leader.

The spiral of paper tube that we often encounter is very uneven. This happens in general. We only need to consider this problem from the following three factors. The first one is the belt tension of the whole paper tube machinery. It may be too small to cause uneven distribution of the spiral of the paper tube produced, or the uneven distribution of the lubricating oil applied to the paper tube before the production of the paper tube. The most common situation is that the paper tube machinery is cut during the production process. The blade has caused excessive resistance to the paper tube, so the problem of uneven spiral distribution of the paper tube is encountered. We only need to troubleshoot from the above three aspects.

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