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How to caculate the cost of straws

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How to estimate the cost of paper straw


Let’s do 6*197mm paper straws as an example:

1 ton 6*197mm paper straw.

How many paper straws: 1ton*1000kg/ton*1000g/kg/1.2g/pcs=833thousand pcs.

Since there are some waste during the production, about 5%. So, 833/1.05=793333 pcs.

(5% is higher compare with stable working if has more experience)

So one ton 6*197mm paper straw has 790000 pcs.

So total paper weight is 0.87ton, glue is 0.13ton. (rate=100:13)

The usage rate of 60gsm paper with 120gsm paper is 1:4 (0.2:0.8)

Son total 60gsm paper weight=0.87*0.2=0.174ton

120gsm paper=0.87-0.174=0.696ton

So total raw material cost=2000*0.174+1800*0.696+2000*0.13=1860 USD

So unit 6*197mm paper straw, 3 layers, raw material cost=1860/790000=0.00235 USD

 ( After you get less waste, the cost will come down)  4 layers, the cost increase about 33%.


If make color for paper straws, just change the price of out surface paper.This is the method how to estimate raw material paper straws

so you need add labor, working shop rent, and other cost by yourself.The raw material price is for reference.






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