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How should the paper cutting machine be cleaned?

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How should the paper cutting machine be cleaned?

Do you know how to clean the paper tube machine? If you don't know how to clean it, here's how to clean the paper tube machine to make it safer and more clean when you cut the paper tube.

1, scrub

The internal parts of the paper tube machine are placed in diesel or kerosene and other cleaning fluids, and then you can use cotton yarn or a brush to clean them. Although such cleaning is simple but not efficient, and there are many parts of the paper cutting machine itself, this method is not recommended.

2, wash

Before the cooking, the liquid to be boiled is prepared, and then these solutions and parts are all placed in a cleaning tank made of steel sheets (the size of the cleaning tank is built according to the actual amount to be washed). Next, it is only necessary to use a heating device for heating under this cleaning tank. Generally, it is only necessary to increase the temperature to 80 to 90 degrees Celsius.

3, ultrasonic cleaning

This kind of cleaning method is not recommended. If it is conditional, this cleaning method is the best. This is to use the chemical part of the cleaning liquid to add to the ultrasonic wave and then use the ultrasonic resonance, and the chemical change effect can be used together to achieve the clear component dirt. the goal of.

4, vibration cleaning

In this method, the mechanical components of the paper cutting tube to be cleaned are placed on the vibration cleaning equipment, such as the washing basket and the cleaning rack, and then the cleaning equipment is added to simulate the manual cleaning and then the cleaning liquid to achieve the purpose of decontamination.

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