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Happpy New Year 2023

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The new year with a 10 million level machine inventory



machine size Name photoes application
 GDM-40 paper  straw  making machine 
GDM-30 paper straw making machine
GDM-20 paper straw making machine
GDZGJ-5 paper straw making machine
GDM-HNB HNB tube making machine 
GD-PL200 paper straw packing machine 
GD-UP500 U shape paper straw packing machine
GD-BE450 paper straw bending machine
GD-SS35 paper stick making machine
GD-BC300 paper straw bevel cutting machine
GD-6504 paper priting machine
GD-ED paper straw dryer  
GD-MD microwave paper straw dryer  
GD-PSF automatic elevator  
GD-S450~1100 paper stilling machine  


24v dc motor gearbox motor dc gear motor micro brushless motor