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Does paper straw equipment have regulations on DC frequency conversion operation?

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Does paper straw equipment have regulations on DC frequency conversion operation?

The transmission system of paper straw equipment includes website, squeezing department, Honggang, glue adjustment, varnishing, unwinding and other parts. To be satisfactory for manufacturing, the transmission system of paper straw equipment must be able to adjust the speed within a certain operating scale And the rate of each branch can be adjusted independently. In order to prevent the paper from cracking, bending, wrinkling, embossing, etc., it is necessary to carry out high-precision rate manipulation on each transmission system point, and from the flow of the desizing to the paper unwinding, the paper web must be maintained at a certain rate level United, so that there is tensile strength.

It is also based on the DC frequency conversion operation of the drive systems of each branch. The focus is on the free online stepless speed change and the synchronization of each drive system. Therefore, the soft starters used in the drive systems of each branch must have the following regulations:

Paper straw equipment

The variable-speed operation scale is wide, and the output power must be about 90% within the full-rate operation scale; the power factor is higher than 0.9; the total frame loss of the input current is less than 3%; the standard components with high reliability and mature professional skills are used IGBT; can reduce the output pulse current weight and reasonably reduce the actual effect of dv / dt noise and torque ripple; use communication to carry out high-speed serial transmission of statistical data.

The DC frequency conversion control method of paper straw equipment is a comprehensive operation method that basically listens to opinions in the rate cascade. Load configuration, static data compensation and support force manipulation. The rate cascade is to shape the rate to give a value chain. There are 2 ways : The card is operated in the same way, which is an open-loop operation, suitable for small and medium-sized paper machines with a speed of less than 300n / min; the communication operation is the entire process of installation and communication between the soft starters. This method can give the rate The value is transferred to the soft starter quickly and accurately with a large number. In the two methods, different mechanical equipment changes between different divisions can be manipulated by different market share coefficients inside the soft starter, and then a constant market share operation of the angular velocity of each division in daily dynamic and steady state.

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